Introducing our...Elderly Care Team

Elderly Care Team

Our specialist team, understand that protecting the welfare of older people often involves complex legal issues relating to mental health and social care but also that sometimes it is just about helping with daily jobs such as paying bills.

Our services are personal to you and your family, and take into account what you need now and what you may need in the future. This could involve helping you to find suitable long or short-term care providers in the UK, assistance with moving from home to a Home, taking care of payment of routine bills and expenses and being there when you need someone to talk too.

Our aim is to provide peace of mind for you and your family as well as working with you to plan ahead for the future.

Our clients say: 

“The decision to move away from family and pursue my dream job was a difficult one. As dad got older and distance prevented me from visiting as often as I would like the pressure to be in two places at once became impossible to balance. Finding the team at Mogers was brilliant as dad is happy and still has his independence and I have peace of mind knowing that someone I trust is close by should dad need it“

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