Domestic Abuse - Injunctions

Our family team has in-depth expertise in obtaining emergency injunctions to protect your best interests.

A domestic violence injunction can be obtained as part of divorce proceedings or separately. Our team are sensitive to the difficulties that surround domestic violence and have experience of complex cases.

There are two types of domestic violence injunctions:

  • Non-Molestation Order
  • Occupation Order

A Non-Molestation Order prevents a named person from intimidating, harassing or pestering you and from threatening or using violence against you.  It can also be extended to protect your children if appropriate.

An Occupation Order is an injunction in relation to property and can determine who should live in a property in the short-term after violence or harassment. It can exclude a person who owns or has an interest in the property from either part or the whole of the property and can also enable a person who has been wrongly excluded from their property to return to it.

It is now a criminal offence to breach a Non-Molestation and Occupation Order punishable with up to 5 years in prison.

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