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Business and pensioners come out on top in Osborne’s Spring budget 20/03/14

UK business has been offered a hand-up in the latest statement from Chancellor George Osborne, with a package of measures designed to further stimulate the economy. Read full story »

Property owners carry the can long after the floods 19/03/14

Property owners who are finally cleaning up after flooding and dealing with their insurance claims are being reminded that they will have to re-live the experience when they come to sell. Read full story »

Pre and post nups look set to be binding in future 13/03/14

Pre and post nuptial agreements are likely to be given binding status, in a move that's intended to give couples a more predictable outcome on divorce. Read full story »

What’s yours is yours, and what’s mine is mine? 06/03/14

Rebecca Silcock at Mogers Solicitors considers the Law Commission's plans to shake-up divorce law and write prenuptial agreements into the law. Read full story »

All change please: the new Single Family Court 06/03/14

Victoria Strode at Mogers Solicitors, looks ahead at the changes in the family justice system and the introduction of the Single Family Court Read full story »


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